Can you summarize the services Box Consultants provides?
Box offers independent and transparent asset management to high net worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs, charities, foundations, congregations and pension funds. Additionally Box can guide you through other financial and legal issues including family governance, estate planning, coordination, asset protection and incident management. 


What are the Unique Selling Points of Box?

  • Box offers independency and continuity of her services
  • We provide an integrated approach for most of your financial affairs
  • We are able to consolidate all your financial assets in one concessive report
  • Because of our economies of scale we are a well respected international player

What guarantees and what comfort level can Box offer its clients?

  • Box provides confidentiality, expertise and over forty years of experience (the partners jointly have over 200 years experience in the finacial sector)
  • We provide continuity through personal commitment and our partnership structure
  • Box is under supervision of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM licensed)
  • We are also subject to prudential supervision by The Dutch Central Bank (DNB)
  • Our partners are DSI certified

Why can claim Box to be independent?

  • Our interests are aligned: If your assets increase in value, so does our revenue (asset-based fee)
  • Box has no proprietary funds or products
  • Unlike banks and some asset managers, we do not generate income on transactions
  • The eight partners of Box jointly hold all equity in  the company

Why should I switch to Box?

If you have sizable assets and wealth, many matters feel 'small'. But if you want to manage your financial affairs properly and consistently, managing this wealth suddenly seems like running a business. Box is able to assist you with that. The constant attention of your trusted advisor and our experts provide a comprehensive, objective and transparent approach. Thanks to collective size you will also be able to access institutional knowledge and rates that are not available for most individual situations. This results in an optimal risk/return ratio and lower fees.

What are the main differences between Box and a typical private bank?

  Box Banks
Employees Continuity as the company is 100% owned by the partners Frequent career rotation
Custody Securities and cash are being held at different banks and not at Box Securities and cash are being held at the bank
Systems State of the art multi banking reporting system with control mechanisms Reporting system of the bank
Overview In depth reporting with two-pager summary with key highlights of the consolidated assets Only showing the assets at the bank, not a total overview


Does Box publish its past performance?

No. A return only means something when it is placed in the proper context and if it can be compared to a benchmark. Unfortunately a lot of haggling takes place when participants in this process publish their returns. For instance successive returns of +21%, -24% and +27% will give the investor an arithmetic average return of 8% over the last three years. However the geometric and correct calculation, gives a yield of just over 5% on average per year.

What is the return target of a typical box-client?

Most of the time, the the main goal of our typical client is preservation of capital with a low volatility of the returns. We strive for good investment results, but find loss prevention equally important. By reducing losses, it is easier to surpass the relevant benchmark. Depending on your risk profile, current valuations and the macro economic forecasts, we will formulate a realistic goal together with the client.

What is the approach to risk management Box?

Our risk management approach is an integral and continuous process that includes strategic risk management on the one hand and tactical risk management on the other.
We strive for capital preservation first and capital optimization is the second goal.

How can the asset reporting of Box distinguish itself?

  • Consolidation is possible at any (sub)level, the result is an integral overview
  • You will receive clear, easy to read and consistent reports
  • We will present an objective comparison of the returns to your personal reference indices
  • You'll receive periodic reviews of the performance, deposits and withdrawals
  • If desired, all information is  also electronically available for other stakeholders (accountants etc.)

What is a Family Office (FO)?

A Family Office provides and supervises all financial and legal matters for a wealthy family, individual, corporation or foundation. The goal is almost always to preserve capital and to increase the wealth from generation to generation, with a keen eye for the interests and harmony of the family. The services we provide can vary greatly per client.

What is a multi-client family office (MFO)?

An MFO is a Family Office, which represents the financial interests of multiple families. This allows all clients to benefit from the knowledge, experience and cost advantages.

Is Box a multi-client family office or an asset manager?

A large part of our work consists of asset management and investment advice. However, because of our added value and experience in various other (financial) areas Box is considered to be a multi-client family office. In this area Box has been a distinctive leader in the Netherlands for over 40 years.

Why is Box, as the oldest and largest multi-client family office in The Netherlands, not better known?

Our clients expect discretion and confidentiality. Unlike traditional asset managers or investment funds we don’t advertise or sell our services publicly. At times, people sometimes even translate our 'low-profile' approach as ’no-profile’. It might not surprise you tha a lot of our clients value this approach.

Do I have to change my banking relationship if I ask Box to manage my assets?

No. You choose the bank/custodian you prefer or the bank you have a good relationship or experience with. However Box is almost always able to reduce your bank charges considerably, sometimes by more than 50%.

Do I have to sell my current investments if I become a client of Box?

No, you certainly don’t. We will first analyze if your existing investments fit in your new mandate. If you would like to change banks or custodians, we most of the time recommend to transfer the current portfolio to the new bank or custodian. In this way you can benefit from the lower fees right away. Box has agreements with most counterparties in which case the new bank/custodian will reimburse you for the transfer costs.

What fees do I continue to pay to the bank when I become a Box client?

With a number of banks at home and abroad, we were able to negotiate considerable cost advantages for our clients. At most banks, our clients enjoy a very attractive all-in rate. This includes almost all security transactions, custodian fees, and corporate actions.